We are Brexit ready!!

We decided to write this blog as we wanted to keep our customers up to date with how we are prepared for Brexit. We hope you find this beneficial and if you have any specific questions please do drop us an email or call us on 0118 966 5207.

M-four Promotions is a safe pair of hands in these difficult times of political uncertainty for your business.  We have conducted a variety of different audits on our processes and procedures to enable us to manage the situation with minimum impact by the political situation we all find ourselves in at this time.  Whether you are in the remain or the leave camp is irrelevant, we all need to carry on come what may and to that end we have looked at how we can “Brexit proof” our services.

  •          We have completed an audit of our preferred suppliers. We have a very complex supply chain which we have stress tested. Having spent the last 13 years building trusted relationships with our suppliers we felt we could ask awkward questions like what stock holding the warehouses have and how they see things in the current climate, do they anticipate any price rises in the short term, etc.  All of this is enabling us to provide the quality standard service that you have all come to expect from us. Forewarned is forearmed! 
  •          With our CSR program we are looking more at ethical product sourcing. We have done an audit to make sure our suppliers have the necessary certification and have done checks on their supply chain. We are keen to make sure plants work with the environment in mind, no child labour, with staff welfare, etc. We have an eco-range whereby every single product comes with certification; this is becoming more and more important to us and our customers.
  •          Our internal processes have been refined down to ensure we are ready for Brexit - from our employees’ welfare to all the red tape for cross border trade including.  We are on it!
  •          We continue to be a part of the largest buying groups in our industry which enables us to get instant updates from within our industry on all issues that might affect lead times, prices and transportation overseas.

All in all, the message we are shouting from the rooftops is that M-four Promotions is Brexit Ready.