The war on plastic waste!

Every day hundreds of thousands of Brits get a take out coffee on their way into work and discard their cups into the bin when they are finished. As these aren't recyclable this means that each year millions of coffee cups are going into landfill, building up a 25 tonne waste mountain, which works out at around 5000 cups a minute.
With this in mind, we are being encouraged to swap paper cups for reusable plastic ones.
MPs have rallied together to propose outlawing disposable coffee cups by 2023. The issue is that although takeaway cups are made of paper, they are lined with polyethylene, which is difficult to remove.
Initially the MPs are calling for a 25p levy on all takeaway coffee cups, in a bid to reduce the number of cups that end up in landfill and to increase investment in reprocessing facilities and "binfrastructure".
Meanwhile a target has been set to ban all throwaway cups by 2023, along with improving labelling to better educate consumers.
We offer a wide range of reusable plastic mugs that can be branded with your logo. These would make the perfect gift for your staff and customers, just think of all the waste you would be saving!
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