The importance of brand appearance

It comes as no surprise to anyone that first impressions are very important.  From a young age we are told that first impressions are vital in the way someone perceives you and of course you only get one chance to make a first impression. We are also taught not to judge a book by its cover but often we do and when it comes to working with a new company a bad first impression can be a deal breaker.  

The first impressions made on your customers will last a lifetime. One of the first things your customer will see from your employees is how they are looking.  Having consistent workwear across all your members of staff will show your potential customers that your employees are part of a professional team, which in turn will fill your customers with peace of mind.

When uniforms look good and fit well, they can make employees feel proud of their jobs. This is one of the many reasons to make sure your uniforms aren’t ill-fitting and dated. If your employees look great whilst still being professional, they’re far more likely to feel proud at work, than if they are wearing a baggy shirt paired with mismatched trousers.

Branded uniforms not only help your members of staff stand out, but it also helps to cement your company into your customers minds. A branded polo shirt that is in your company colours will be seen by your customers when dealing face to face and will reinforce who your company is.

We offer a wide range of apparel for all industry types, from aprons to HI-Vis Jackets, we can supply you with uniforms that will suit your brand. Contact us for more information at or call us on 0118 9665 207.

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