Security and Privacy

“I put a piece of tape over the camera because I saw somebody smarter than I am had a piece of tape over their camera.”

-          James Comey, former director of the FBI

You know how useful webcams are. They help you video call your family and web conference with colleagues. You can take photos and scan QR codes. There’s one attached to your desktop, there’s one built into your laptops, there’s one on your phone, and even your games console.

Although webcams are ubiquitous now, they have a dark side. Webcams are often vulnerable to hackers. Websites show streams from thousands of insecure webcams. The apps on our phones demand constant access to the camera. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook always covers up his webcams with tape – and if he’s doing it, then you should be too.

There are more stylish ways of doing things than tape though. At M-four Promotions, we recommend a promotional webcam cover branded with your company’s logo. This will protect your personal privacy and your corporate security, removing the possibility of being caught at a compromising moment or malicious hackers accessing corporate secrets. They are also practical and fuss free: they are designed to slide open and closed without damaging the lens of your webcam. Don’t worry about them stopping you closing your laptop - they’re only 1.5mm thick, which also means they make an ideal, lightweight mail out to your customers!

We offer a wide range of brandable webcam covers which are suitable for almost all devices, including phones. The covers are supplied onto a full colour printed backing card, allowing you to get your message across. What better way to protect your staff and customers than with a branded product that will stay with them?

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