Quantity over quality?


One of the questions we get asked most often is whether it’s better to spend a limited budget on a large quantity of merchandise, or high-quality promotional merchandise.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, so to some extent it depends upon your needs.

Ordering a large quantity of promotional merchandise will let you target a wide audience. You could give a pen to the entire trade fair, or every customer, or every potential recruit.  You’ll also get a cheaper price per unit thanks to our bulk discounts.

However, we feel you get more return on your spending if you buy premium promotional items. Invest in branded merchandise that people will cherish. We don’t mind losing a plastic pen, but we take care of a cross rollerball. Buy something that will last, or something practical. This works particularly well when you are using a targeted strategy. Instead of blanketing the trade fair with your plastic pens and hoping you have more than anyone else, give high-quality branded merchandise to people who you really want to remember your brand.


While different strategies work in different situations, the power of a quality item should not be underestimated. Our experience suggests that you’ll generate far more leads per item with a little bit of investment in quality.

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