Meet Amy!

Meet Amy, the office dog. Amy is one of our longest serving “employees”, spending weekdays at the office since 2006. Her duties include sleeping and gently asking for dog treats, as well as companionship for Judith, our Managing Director.




 You might think that dog-related products are too niche, but did you know that there are 8.5 million dogs in the UK? Most of the products here are accessories for going on a walk, which will get your brand out into the world where people can see it.

So here are Amy’s favourite products from the M-Four catalogue:

High-vis collar

When the nights are drawn out long, high-visibility accessories are essential for keeping dogs safe when out and about. It’s particularly important for black Labradors – Amy is invisible when you turn the lights out!

Our polyester visibility collars are more stylish than typical yellow-and-silver fare. They’re available in red, blue, and even black. They are eye-catching, and therefore a great place to promote your brand. The minimum order quantity is 250. 

Training clicker

Clicker training is popular and effective. Amy always sits still when she hears the click because she has learned to associate it with a treat. Judith always keeps a clicker nearby to calm Amy down in exciting or stressful situations.

Clickers are available in a wide range of colours, but we recommend yellow, both for its visibility and to match the yellow click button.

Using the clicker will get you through a lot of dog treats, which will make our next product very useful…

Treat bag

This one always gets Amy excited!

Every dog owner has been in this situation: you fill your pockets up with treats. Some get crushed, some get forgotten. You’re left with a pocket full of tiny crumbs of dog biscuit, which your dog can smell but not eat.

The solution? Keep all your dog biscuits in a bag. This is convenient, hygienic, and provides a large surface to be branded.


On a nice Sunday morning, what could be better than playing catch with your dog at the park?

This special dog Frisbee is 200mm in diameter, and available in red or yellow. The eye-catching colours make it a great piece of promotional merchandise.

We also sell PVC-free rubber balls which can be pantone matched to any colour. These have a minimum order quantity of 500, while the Frisbees have a minimum of 200.

Collapsible dog bowl

Amy has two bowls at home and a water bowl in the office. For travel, she recommends this collapsible silicon bowl, which can easily be folded down for storage. It’s great for outdoor use or road trips, and has the potential to be a breakthrough product. There is a minimum order quantity of 500.

We can source plenty of branded promotional products for dogs and dog lovers. If you’re interested, give us a call on 0118 9665207 or an email on We will do the rest!

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