Latest on Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve,we just wanted to give you all a little update on how we are and how we can help you during this time. It's business as usual here at M-four, as always, our staff, their families and as well our customers and suppliers are our main priority.

We have been in contact with many of you already and most of you are aware that we are still working as normal but have just taken precautions for our employees by working from home. Here at M-four, we will continue to work from home until advised otherwise.

Our order processing team are working around the clock to make sure all current orders have the best delivery addresses. If you have an order with us and think your office might be shut when it's due for delivery, then let us know and we can organise an address change.Please try to give us more than enough time to get these addresses changed as some products can be shipped from outside of the UK or on a two or more working day delivery basis. Be aware that any attempted deliveries that are unsuccessful can incur charges, but we are trying to prevent this if we can, with your help. So please do try to tell us as soon as possible, should you need to change your delivery address for whatever the reason.

As expected, most events are being postponed or cancelled due to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Please do let us know the new dates of your events and we can set up reminders on our systems to contact you, so we have plenty of time for organising your merch for then. Lead times are likely to be extended once things start to get back to normal so planning will be key, we believe.

Also, many of our customers have had events changed to webinars and are following up with their attendees by sending a mail out, good old-fashioned direct mail. There are plenty of items that can be sent out as large letters so just fit right through people's letterboxes, no need for signing or worrying about unwanted contact.

Another way our customers are using promotional merchandise in a creative way, especially when they already have it in the cupboard is to send out to staff who are currently working from home. Sending out desk and office accessories to make sure they are well established to work at home as efficiently as possible! If your cupboards are bare…. all is not lost as we are open to business and can still process orders by using UK businesses where possible.

We are here for you! During this time, it can be a great way to get planning and prepping! Even if you don’t have an event until October or even early next year – get in touch and we can discuss your ideas and do some research and even generate some artwork visuals for you to discuss with your team.

Last but not least, we want to send our well wishes to you all, we are thinking of you and sending positive, healthy vibes your way during this time. If we can help anyone at all, please do let us know, don’t be scared to ask! We are really lucky to have a great team at M-four and also fantastic clients; we intend to keep on supporting our customers and also delivering great products and quality service!


20th March 2020