Ideal Hotel and hospitality promotional giveaways

Why use promotional giveaways in the hospitality industry?

Whether you are away with work, on a spa weekend, on a getaway with friends or a loved one, many of us are staying in hotels or b and bs more and more, whether it is here in the UK or abroad.  The hospitality industry is huge! So how can you make your hotel or franchise stand out in this competitive industry! This blog aims to give some ideas and inspiration for hotels when choosing their promotional products.

Promotional products for hotels play an essential role when it comes to maximising their brand awareness as well as part of their customer service. Branded hotel compliment products can help in both obtaining and attaining new and existing customers.

By providing your guests with branded hotel promotional items every time they stay, you’re not only adding essential items to someone’s stay but adding a personalised experience with some luxury items as well. We are noticing that personalising experiences and items is becoming even more popular and in 2020 we think this is really going to kick off. When we say personalising we don’t just mean putting someone’s name on an item (even though this was big for Christmas and thank you presents at the end of last year), what we mean is being creative with the items you get and the way you brand them and even the way you display or present them. For example, in a hotel what about a little gift basket with the usual essential items you’d usually provide, but with a little thank you for your stay card. Adding extra touches for minimal costs but assisting in retaining customers.

Where can you use branded items within your hotel or spa?

  •          Hotel reception; pens, pencils, leaflets, signage
  •          Staff; uniform, name badges, lanyards, corporate personal pens
  •          Hotel Room; notepads, pens, pencils, water bottles, glasses, mugs, coffee/tea sachets, shower gels, towels, leaflets/menus, welcome folders
  •          Spa and wellness items; slippers, towels, robes
  •          Hotel Conference rooms; Charging cables, speakers, desk pads, pens, glass bottles, table clothes, signage

What items can you use?

Here are some ideas of the products that a hotel could use for promotional merchandise throughout their hotel as giveaways or part of their stay package.

Branded Mole Mate Pen Pens:

Most companies use pens as a promotional merchandise because they are affordable and effective. They are effective because most members of the public take free pens, which therefore means more members of the public will see the logo and will then recognise it if they see it again, making it more likely for those members of the public to look at that hotel over others.


Notebooks and notepads are useful and effective, much like pens. This means that more Branded A5 notepadscustomers are likely to use the notebook/notepad since they are easily accessible and can be used to write important things down. Using notebooks and notepads is a method of successful advertising because the logo will most likely be on the front of the notebook, allowing more people to see it, much like with magazines. It also means that the logo is viewable from a glance without having to pick up the product.


Printed Bedford Umbrella


Umbrellas are useful for customers who are unprepared when the weather is bad. It means that customers will be able to use umbrellas with the company logo on it, which is another form of advertising. When customers use these umbrellas, it will be more likely that they will be visiting places with members of the public around, meaning that they will be able to view the logo.



Bath setsPromotional Bath Sets

Bath sets are more unique and personal to the customer themselves which helps to promote their image of caring about their customers and wanting them to have a satisfactory time at the hotel. Bath sets seem more personal because it is an extra thing that hotels can do at an affordable price.

Bottles of water: 

promotional glass bottlesMost hotels provide bottles of water in the rooms. However, putting the logo onto the bottle helps promote the company because they have added a personal touch to the bottle. This also helps promote the hotel because most people use the water bottles which means more people will see the logo.

There are plenty of options for branded bottles either go for reusable bottles and help contribute to the prevention of single use plastic. Or go for glass bottles that can be re used or recycled.

Wellness set:

If you are a spa hotel then these are wellness sets are perfect, including dressing gowns, slippers, exfoliating scrunch and towel (we can also do all these items separately if you wish).


Towels are used within the hotel rooms, in the kitchen areas and in spas at hotels. We have a range available in all sizes from hand towels, flannels and bath towels, we can brand it all. Whether you want your towels embroidered, dye sublimated or digitally printed, we can offer all forms of towel branding.

Table Napkins:

Table napkins are in every restaurant, hotel or food establishment from paper napkins in your local cafes and coffee shops and then reusable fabric cloths in restaurants and hotels. Table napkins play a huge role in presentation at all catering services.

Table numbers and table signs  

We have a wide range of table signs from metal, wooden and glass, suitable for all interior design at any hotel restaurant or café.  Not only are table numbers or signs great for staff for identifying tables and customers for orders but they can be sued to promote other services your hotel offers as well. An easy advertising for existing customers for those up sales.