Christmas Promotional Merchandise Ideas

Ideas For Your Christmas Promotional Items 

As mentioned in our last blog making sure you are organised at Christmas is important and makes a fantastic time to surprise either employees or staff. For those who love the festive season, Christmas is a great time for selecting and exchanging gifts, this even more so important for businesses. So, whether you’re looking to express thanks to your employees or clients, or to sustain awareness of your brand or event throughout the festive month, promotional merchandise is the tool for you.Branded advent calendars

Here are some promotional product ideas that we have been looking into for our customers to make it easier for you and your business this Christmas 2019!

Christmas Advent calendar 

The countdown to Christmas can be as exciting as Christmas itself, whether that’s due to people counting down the days to spend time with family or friends or maybe those extra few days off at work. Or if it’s the excitement of what’s behind their advent door each day! Advent calendars have been used for years by many, so why not take full advantage of this and provide people with that positive association of the daily countdown chocolate and your brand.

Not only will an advent calendar provide a positive association with your brand but will also be in eye view with your customers daily for the month of December. So maybe you want to showcase an offer or event for January – so when people return to work after the Christmas break, they still have your brand, logo or info to look at.

Christmas Baublespromotional Christmas chocolate

We offer a wide range of promotional Christmas decorations including Christmas baubles;from chocolate, to glass or wood to star shaped baubles. We have a huge collection of different Christmas baubles that can work with your brand and are perfect for the festive season. Want to go the extra mile? Why not go for a clear bauble with an item inside? This can give your gift an extra touch of personalisation!
Branded christmas baubles

Christmas Hampers 

If you're looking for corporate business hampers to show your employees appreciation and a Christmas gift for them and their family or if you want to thank loyal long term customers; then a Christmas hamper branded to your company, could be the perfect thank you gift. From luxury hampers with wine and chocolates, to engraved wine boxes or chocolate hampers, we have a range of hampers to suit you and your business’s needs.

Desktop gardens

Christmas is all about giving to others, not hard selling. So, what can you do that provides a thank you to customers that could also long term generate further business? A desktop garden not only provides this to your clients but also provides them with a positive association.

Luxury promo penLuxury corporate pens 

Provide people with that promotional pen that writes like a dream and will allow them to use it again and again! Branded Corporate pens are the perfect corporate promotional item if you choose the right pen. Good-quality promotional pens will be used for months or even years, creating long-lasting exposure to your brand, improving recognition and preference over competitors.

Promo Earphones

Can you hear Santa’s sleigh? Or is that your favourite Christmas song you can hear?  Cheesy... we know but it kept you interested. How do you plan to engage with your customers?
Bluetooth earphones are a popular item, they are great for those who commute for work, listen to music whether that’s whilst exercising, walking the dog or at home.

Wireless charger
Fancy providing your client with a bit more of a gadget than a traditional Christmas present. Then the wireless chargers can be great especially as this time of year many people are travelling to visit family or go on holiday this Christmas? Or even those everyday commuters for work?
Not only will your clients be grateful for a useful and engaging giveaway at Christmas, but your brand will be in front of them for a longer period.

Car Ice Scrapper

Branded car scrappers are a great promo item for most audiences as so many people own vehicles. Scrappers are used nearly daily during winter, so if your target audience has a car then it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, Car accessories are a useful promo item and are always greatly received. So, whether you run a mechanics garage, sell cars, or work in a car rental business – these are fantastic marketing items which will be gladly received during this festive season. 

Paper Weights 
Is your marketing campaign weighing you down? Or is it you are an unsure on what item to give your target audience? Do you want to give away a desk item that’s solid, classy and will last a long time?

Then our crystal range could be the giveaway for you… from paperweights and pen holders to coasters and awards.  Make sure you have a crystal-clear purpose for your branded executive Christmas gifts.

Festive promotional merchandise is the perfect way to inject some Christmas cheer into your marketing strategy. Get in contact with M-four today for your businesses branded Christmas merchandise.



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