Get your business organised for this Christmas!

Yes… We are talking Christmas!!! Christmas in August!


Why are we thinking of Christmas in august? Are we mad? No (well maybe we are a bit bonkers, but that’s what makes us that extra bit special)!

On a serious note though, when it comes to September every shop is full of Christmas gifts, decorations, advent calendars and much more. We as consumers are always overwhelmed by this and think it's slightly ridiculous that all this Christmas stuff is in the shops already when it’s not even Halloween yet or the schools have only just gone back after the summer break.

Well, we’ll let you into a little secret…the reason we are talking about festive promotional items in August is because there is a limited time frame for getting these items before the holiday season.

 For example, a supermarket will have to order in a large quantity of Christmas items and then these items will only be available for them to order until probably before December because no one wants a large amount of left-over stock after Christmas. It’s the same in the promotional merchandise industry, yet it isn’t just stock to worry about it’s the printing time that must be factored in as well. So, here’s a little breakdown for some of the reasons as to why ordering promotional merchandise sooner is highly important;

 There can be a long lead time on items for stock ordering.

  • There are set up times and lead times on print processes.
  • It can be an extremely busy time of the year too. The later you leave it, the busier factories and couriers will be, and this could delay your delivery date, giving you less time to hand out your merchandise. 
  • Most Christmas items are only usually available until end of October (remember no one wants left over stock).

Christmas can be an ideal time to surprise employees or clients with a Christmas printed promotional item. Make sure you are organised and enquire about your Christmas branded products now before it gets too late. If you are unsure on what items your business could use for your festive marketing campaign, either contact us and we can ask a few questions and advise on some ideas or follow our social media platforms where we will be sharing product ideas.