Choosing The Right Promotional Items.

How to choose the right promotional products to market your business?

Choosing the right promotional merchandise can be time consuming and tricky if you haven’t done it before or if you have no clear objectives for your branded products. This is where we, the team at M-four can help you! We have over 25 years’ experience working with our clients on their promotional merchandise and have worked successfully with a variety of businesses in different sectors. Our aim is to make buying promotional items easy for you, we take away hassle by providing an excellent service from initial enquiry to the delivery of your products, saving you valuable time.

There are a few things for you to think about when you begin looking at promotional items and these can be found on our quotation check list here or see below.

Q: Where are the products being used?

For example, within the office for visitors or staff, at events for potential new customers for your team to showcase consistent brand?  Or are these starter gifts for new employees, or as part of a mail out for a bulky marketing campaign.

Q: Who is your target audience? Or what is your industry?

For example, if you are working in IT, techy items like charging cables and power banks would be a great option. Are you a company who supports being kinder to our planet and want to encourage others to be to? Check out our eco-friendly range which includes reusable drinkware, recycled stationery and we can even supply sweets in packaging made from plant based material alternatives, making it 100% plastic free and compostable. These are all great for a wide audience as anyone can use them.

Q: Budget and quantities?

If advised, our team can work with your budget to find suitable items in your price range. We have a range of quantity breaks dependent on the product you choose, but usually the higher the quantity the cheaper the unit price. So, planning in advance for your upcoming events can be beneficial as bulk buying can save you money and ultimately time.

Q: How many colours are in your logo/design?

Some products have limitations when it comes to printing.  If your logo has multiple colours, or if it’s complex and detailed, all these factors need considering for your chosen item. There are lots of different types of print and we will advise which is best for you, to find out more you can read about them here.

Q: Do you have clear objectives as to what you want people to get from your promo items?

So, do you want them just to see your logo on the item and remember your brand? Or do you want them to visit your website, social media channels or contact you? Are you promoting an upcoming event, or charity, and want to encourage others along?  Making sure you have clear objectives on your branded products will make it easier for the end consumer of that product. 

If you are new to promotional merchandise or have been using it for years but don’t have time in your day to manage it, then let us do it for you, call us on 0118 966 5207 or email us on:


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