Benefits of fulfilment!


We understand that when it comes to buying promotional merchandise, sometimes storage can be a huge issue. If you have an event coming up with over 500 attendees and you need to pack up and store goodie bags for each one, this can quickly become time and space consuming!

To combat this, we have started offering fulfilment and storage on orders. With fulfilment and storage, you don’t have to worry about finding random corners of the office to stash away your goodies and you don’t need to stress over separating out and shipping the products to different countries either, we will do it all for you!

A simple new starter pack containing items such as a bottle, notebook and pen given to all new employees is a great way for them to feel valued and welcomed into the team. This will also make them feel more prepared for their role as they will have the essential equipment needed. If you have multiple locations and are stressing about where and when to get everything delivered, don’t worry, we will have everything delivered into us and we will pack and ship the packs out to your multiple addresses!

Recently we have fulfilled and shipped an order to over 11 different countries. This order was made of 2500 of 5 different products (Pens, stress balls, webcam covers, bags, and lanyards), each location required different specific amounts of each product. The locations had various critical delivery dates for the required products and we worked closely with our customer to ensure that all the delivery dates where achieved in good time, even allowing for customs in Zurich and Johannesburg!

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