8 ways to take the stress out of buying promotional items!

Promotional items may be fun but choosing the right item is serious business! Here are our some of our top tips for guaranteed success....

1. Do your research

Have a look at the promotional items that you have been sent and that you have liked and kept. What is it that made you keep it? Do other people in your office like the item? If so why? Remember just because that pink furry pen is your favourite, it may not be everyone's cup of tea!

2. Visualise your target market

What does your average customer base look like? Are you trying to appeal to them all with one item or are your targeting a specific group?

3. Have a clear objective

Is your item being used to promote a specific date or event or is it something you want the recipient to keep long term, reminding them of your company every day?;

4. Set a budget

It is all too easy to look through a shiny brochure spending that imaginary, endless budget but how much do you really want to spend per item? Are you looking for quantity over quality or would you rather spend a little more for a premium item to represent your brand? 

5. Plan in advance

Having a longer lead time can not only take away the last minute rushing and associated stress of your purchase but in many cases can often result in a cost saving too!

6. Have your images/logos ready

Check to see what format and resolution your images and or logos will need to be so that they can be printed cleanly and crisply on your chosen items.

7. Order samples and visuals

If you are still not sure why not order a physical sample and ask for a visual showing how your logo will look – remember that in order to do this you will need to have left sufficient lead time for the samples to be delivered and for amendments to be made if required!

8. Get in touch with professionals

Here at M-Four we take the stress out of promotional merchandise. Our bright, enthusiastic, knowledgeable team can work with you from your initial idea through to delivery day ensuring that your finished product is something to be proud of. We have a huge range of items that can be customised to your requirements and even offer a bespoke design service that allows your imagination to run wild. Get in touch today and let’s get started!