Security and Privacy

Webcam covers have seen a huge spike in popularity. They offer a practical and safe way of protecting your privacy whilst online.

It's been proven that hackers can access webcam cameras through malware. The next time someone spots your covered webcam camera and accuses you of being too paranoid, you can inform them that hacking is actually a lot more common than you would think. If you accidentally click onto a bad link or download the wrong file, that malware could contain a code to turn on your webcam and send the video feed to a website or save it somewhere else. They only surefire way to make sure you aren't being recorded is to cover your webcam.  

We offer a wide range of brandable webcam covers which are suitable for almost all devices, including phones. The covers are supplied onto a full colour printed backing card, allowing you to get your message across. What better way to protect your staff and customers than with a branded product that will stay on their desks?

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